- Register the name of your car

Why should I name my car?

It helps give a personality to your car, maybe like a pet. People bond with things they put a lot of time and effort into. It helps you remember what the car was long after its not with you.

Do I use a normal name, a pet or nick name, or something entirely different? It doesn't really matter.

How to name my car?

You can probably come up with many ways to help name your car, but here are a few suggestions -

  • gut feeling
  • first name that enters your head
  • get your children to name it (and no Disney characters please!)
  • decipher a name from its registration number
  • a name that starts with the same letter as the car model
  • name your car after your first girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/pet
  • name it after your favourite super model
  • let the hamster off BBC's Top Gear programme name it
  • some other way not mentioned

Male or female?

Should a car have a female or make name? Most men seem to see their car as female. This seems to apply to any type of machinery, engines in particular. Women seem to think of their car as being male. So is this naming purely a reversal of gender?

Future Owners

Should my car be given a different name by its next owner, or should they be told of its 'birth' name? Of course its next owner may not want to have a name for their car!

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