Have you ever given your car a name ?

Many of you probably have used some name at some point. A pet name because you liked it, or called it some derogatory name when it didn’t start or broke down half way through some journey.

I love my car

I never thought I could name my car! Why not, of course you can!

Many named cars have starred in various films and TV programs over the years, several with their own personality. You’ve probably heard or seen them. Remember Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? How about Genevieve? Most likely you know Herbie? Of course, there are plenty of others which you may know of.

I want to register the name of my car

I now have a name for my special car. Ok, simply register with us so that you can keep track of all your cars, and you will be able to view the names, and pictures of other cars registered. If you don't have a name then have a look here for suggestions.

Register the name of your car at CarBirths.com and you will have the opportunity to store other details including its birth date, pictures of its best features, and you can view its own birth certificate. You’ll never have to forget your car’s birthday, as we can send you a birthday reminder via e-mail.

After giving your car its own cherished identity, you will then be able to enter details of momentous occasions your car has been part of, or set reminders for MOT, road tax, or insurance renewals, which will be emailed to you.

Other Car Name News

Mick Fleetwood, the Fleetwood Mac drummer told BBC’s Top Gear program that he calls his green Austin Seven Lettuce Leaf. He said his children helped name it.

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond in a recent feature driving a car through Africa, named his Opel Cadet Oliver. Apparently he’s currently shipping it back to England.

BBC Radio 2’s traffic presenter Sally Traffic named her first car, a Hillman Imp, Esmeralda.

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